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Economic policy to the crisis: tools, issues and the future

Joined by Mairi Spowage, Sophie Haldane & Mphatso Kumwenda, in this episode Emma Congreve discuss the economic policy response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at some of the policy tools that have been used, economic issues arising from the economic impacts of the pandemic and investigate the future of economic policy based on the current response.

Commentary Perspectives: Mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

The purpose of the research is to investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the mental health and wellbeing of the Scottish population. The aim is to understand the psychological impact of the pandemic on different demographic groups (gender, age, and employment status). The research also focuses on people who may be more vulnerable to the pandemic in multiple ways, namely those with long-term physical and mental health conditions and single-parent families.

The pandemic one year on: a review of the impact on children

It is now a year since the first lockdown in Scotland and many are taking stock and looking back on a year like no other. The impact of the pandemic goes beyond the direct health impact, and one of the groups that have well and truly seen their lives turned upside down are children. During 2020, the Fraser of Allander took part in a collaborative project looking at the socio-economic impact of Covid-19 on children over the first 6 months of the pandemic. A year in to the pandemic, it’s worth revisiting some of the key insights this work highlighted.

Economy Round Up, 12th February 2021

Emma Congreve is joined by Mairi Spowage to give an update on what the latest Scottish Business Monitor and ONS GDP statistics tell us about how the economy is fairing. They also discuss some of the findings from the Social Care Support for Adults report published last week by the FAI. 

Devolution in 2020: What have we learnt from Brexit and COVID-19?

Mairi Spowage, Deputy Director of the Institute, is joined by Dr Hannah White, Deputy Director of the Institute for Government, to discuss the interaction between the budgetary processes at Westminster and the devolved governments, how well devolved budgetary processes are understood by Westminster, the experience of inter-governmental relations throughout the pandemic, and of course Brexit and the Internal Market Bill.