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We are a leading economic research institute, providing research and consultancy to government, industry and the third sector.

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In the current climate of uncertainty and change, understanding developments in the economy and the policy landscape are crucial for effective business strategies.

The outlook for growth in the global, UK and world economies, the policy direction of both the UK and Scottish governments, not to mention Brexit and possible further constitutional change, are just some of the drivers with the potential to have significant implications for companies, third-sector organisations and policymakers across all sectors of our economy.

Clear insight into how these rapidly changing economic and policy conditions could impact on your own organisation is all the more vital.

As an independent research institute, the Fraser of Allander will arm you with the facts – without any spin – to help you make better decisions and plans for the future.

Seven reasons for membership

  1. Focused insight into future economic trends in your sector/business area gives you the ability to identify opportunities, anticipate and mitigate risks, and be fully prepared for changes in economic circumstances.
  2. Develop an in-depth understanding of sectoral, local, national and international economies from a Scottish perspective tailored to you.
  3. Support your discussions with policy-makers and stakeholders with objective economic evidence and analysis.
  4. Help attract and retain customers by demonstrating a detailed knowledge of relevant economic trends and risks.
  5. Direct access to our independent experts allows you to react quickly and keep fully informed of economic and policy developments – from issues such as Brexit and Scottish independence – without any spin.
  6. Draw on our reputation as Scotland’s leading economic research institute to enhance your own reputation and validate your decisions as effective and informed only by fact.
  7. Save time searching for information. Our membership scheme gives you key economic summaries relevant to your sector and the economy as a whole.

Membership benefits

Stay ahead of the curve

  • 24 hour pre-release access to all FAI reports including the Fraser Economic Commentary and Labour Market Trends reports.
  • Direct access to our economists to discuss specialist economic questions and how they may impact your organisation.

Quarterly briefings

  • Private briefing on Scottish and UK economic and fiscal outlook four times a year by Scotland’s leading economic experts.
  • Explanation of recent trends, key policy developments (e.g. Brexit, Scotland’s new fiscal powers) and economic outlook.
  • Detailed bespoke analysis of relevant sectors, regions or policies as determined by the client.

Quarterly briefing sessions

  • A key element of FAI membership is the quarterly meetings. These are an opportunity for clients to discuss with the FAI the current economic environment and outlook as it relates to them. The sessions are structured to provide clients with the opportunity to think about and our analysis and to help them reach their own conclusions.
  • The meetings also provide a forum to discuss policy or wider strategy issues and to commission further bespoke research/analysis.

As a valued client you will receive

  • Direct access to our economists by email or telephone to discuss specific questions relating to our analysis or client research questions.
  • The opportunity to have a senior FAI economist attend public events, conferences, strategy sessions or workshops.
  • An invitation to FAI events – including our annual Scotland’s Budget presentation.
  • A number of dedicated ‘research days’ per year – including bespoke reports as determined by the client.