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Academic Rigour, Professional Impact.

We are a leading economic research institute, providing research and consultancy to government, industry and the third sector.

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The Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI), part of the University of Strathclyde, is a leading provider of economic consultancy services and commissioned research. We have a diverse client base from across the public, private and third sectors.

Whilst we pride ourselves on the rigour and integrity of our economic consulting, we also work hard to ensure that our outputs are accessible to a wide audience. Alongside the publication of reports, we are also happy to help communicate the results of the analysis through a variety of channels (including participating in public events and seminars).

Public Sector Economic Consultancy

We regularly work with public sector across the UK, including both central government and local authorities. Our specialities include economic policy, economic statistics and modelling.

We can work with you on:

  • Research into economic issues
  • Policy evaluation
  • Developing or understanding statistics
  • Staff development, training and CPD courses (see our training courses)


Examples of past work as economic consultants include:

Private and Third Sector Economics Consulting Services

Our economics consulting services for companies and charities typically aims to understand how they contribute to the economy and society.

The strength of our consulting lies in both our reputation for rigorous research, and our focus on clear communication of findings to non-technical audiences. Many clients have praised our ability to cut through to key stakeholders in the industry, government and press. Our work receives a significant amount of coverage from national news outlets.

Our consulting services include:

  • Commissioned projects where we take our analytical and economic expertise and apply it to a particular question relevant to your organisation.  
  • Economic impact analysis and economic modelling provide an opportunity to understand the economic value of your organisation, your sector or your project.
  • Advising organisations on evaluation, social impact, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) KPIs.
  • Business surveys which can be used to provide a useful barometer of your sector and communicate the leadership of your organisation to stakeholders and government.

How can this benefit your organisation?

  • Demonstrate your organisation as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Empirically show the economic and social benefits of your organisation to stakeholders to help maintain support, secure funding and inform debate.
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of how your own organisation interacts with the economy and how you create value.
  • Quantify the effects of your strategic decisions on inclusive growth.
  • Aid your decision-making and assess investment strategies with straightforward, independent economic analysis.


Examples of some of our reports and media impact include:

Our projects don’t just start with analysis and finish with a report. We take the project from inception, to analysis, to professional report design, through to crafting press releases and presentation to stakeholders.

Many of the commissioned projects we undertake attract mainstream media attention, and so our staff are fully media trained and make regular TV and radio appearances as well as appearing in print on popular news outlets.


Why choose the FAI? 

As a leading research centre at a world-class technological university, the Fraser of Allander Institute is uniquely placed to bring cutting edge economic analysis to issues of pressing policy and commercial importance.

FAI economics staff have helped to develop many of the modelling methods that now form part of the applied economist’s toolkit. As a result, our economics applications are never “off-the-shelf” but are tailored to the particular requirements of each client.

We also have the highest standard of professionals conducting our analysis, with the option to draft in other leading economics researchers for projects.

We have a strong reputation in the media, government, academia and industry.

Beyond a report, what else is on offer?

We are happy to advise on how to interpret our economics analysis and communicate the key points to the media and stakeholders. However, we also offer a variety of services to promote these communications. These include attending events, press releases and professional report design.

Events and Business Engagement

Many of our clients choose to follow economic analysis with an event to showcase the results. We can provide a senior staff member, such as the Institute’s Director Mairi Spowage, to come to your event(s) and explain our findings.


Along with our economic advisory services, the University has a dedicated press communications team who are well versed in creating press releases. We can include a press release along with the launch of the report and can coordinate this with the communications team within your organisation.

Professional consultancy report design

A critical component of effectively communicating the findings of any report by an economics consultant is a clear and eye-catching design. Most of our clients choose to make use of our professional design team to transform the report. These services can include infographics and a summary double sided A4 sheet for the key takes from a report (typically provided along with the report at events).

Economic Consultant and Analysis FAQ

How much does consultancy cost?

We work with transparent day rates, which means that the cost of economics consultancy depends on the seniority of staff required and the length of the project. Please contact us and we provide an estimate.

For organisations with lower budgets, we run an economics training programme for called Economic Futures, supported by the Scottish Funding Council. This provides work experience to undergraduate economists to build the economics capacity within Scotland.

We have worked with organisations in the past to provide research that is part of this economics work experience and supported by a FAI member of staff. For an example of our work as an economic consultant, see the following report: The Aluminium Industry in the UK.

Do you work with everyone?

Unfortunately, our capacity is limited. We are an economics research institute rather than a economic consulting firm, and we prioritise projects that provide a public good and are linked to our research interests. If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid delays.

What is economic consulting?

Economic consulting provides the analysis that governments, companies and charities need in order to make data driven decisions. Consultants create economic analysis that can range from understanding poverty, to modelling climate change scenarios, and supporting business growth.

If you are interested in our economic consulting services, please get in touch via the form below.

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Where to find us

We are based in the Sir William Duncan Building in the University of Strathclyde. The building lies along Rottenrow and beside Rottenrow Gardens. This is just a few minutes walk from George Square.

Fraser of Allander Institute,
Sir William Duncan Building,
G4 0GE

Parking can be found nearby in NCP Glasgow George St.

Our offices are just a few minutes away from Glasgow Queen Street. This is the main station for trains between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  1. Head out the main exit in Glasgow Queen Street onto George Square.
  2. Turn left and walk down George Street and past the Glasgow City Chambers.
  3. Turn left up Montrose Street and walk up past Rottenrow Gardens.
  4. Turn right at the end of Rottenrow Gardens and before you reach the City of Glasgow College.
  5. The Sir William Duncan Building is found at the corner of Rottenrow.

Please note that Montrose Street is quite a steep hill. If a flatter route would be preferable for accessibility reasons then we recommend coming in via the Cathedral Street entrance.

Our offices are just a few minutes away from Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station.