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Commercial property and town centres: what next?

One consequence of the recessions of the 1970s and 1980s was a permanent fall in demand for industrial property. They bequeathed thousands of empty buildings and vacant, often derelict sites. So, given the current crisis, what’s next for commercial property and town centres?

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Latest data on the Scottish economy – Update 10th July 2020

This update provides a snapshot of new data on the Scottish economy and households. Business indicators confirm that Scottish businesses continue to operate well below capacity, but there is clear evidence of more businesses returning. The reopening of High Street retailers at the start of this month brought a spike in demand – even exceeding pre-crisis levels.

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The Global Economic Context for Justice for All

This paper looks at the global economic context in the light of COVID-19: at the immense economic impact of the health crisis, and additionally at the impact of the economic response to the crisis itself.

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Scottish Budget update

As per usual, there was no amount of confusion about what the Chancellor’s statement yesterday meant for the Scottish Budget. Different numbers mean different things to people. But the outlook for the Scottish budget in 2020/21 has changed substantially since it was published in March. So, what do we know?

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Fiscal event or not a fiscal event…. today’s announcements in a nutshell

The Chancellor today announced a number of measures designed to stimulate economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, whilst significant, it is clear that the Chancellor is keeping some options in his back pocket for the budget in the Autumn. And whilst it is right that we …

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What next for youth unemployment in Scotland?

The fear of a sharp rise in unemployment is a real one in this economic crisis. Last week’s latest Quarterly Economic Indicator from the Scottish Chambers of Commerce provided an insight into the harsh reality for many businesses in Scotland just now. In recent days, we’ve had a number of …

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Construction of infrastructure

Fiscal stimulus? Plus a note about ‘borrowing powers’…

We set aside some time yesterday to look over the Prime Minister’s economy announcements, following the trail that it would set out a plan for recovery. At the heart of the announcement was a £5bn “new deal” to build homes and infrastructure. But has been widely pointed out, there was …

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Latest data on the Scottish economy

This update provides a snapshot of new data on the Scottish economy and households. Overall, we are yet to see change in most business indicators, although consumer interest appears to be improving. The labour market and household finances remain precarious. Authors Fraser of Allander Institute The Fraser of Allander Institute …

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Poverty in Scotland: A discussion with JRF on progress pre, during and post Covid-19

At the end of the parliamentary year, we would normally have received a progress report form the Scottish Government on their efforts to tackle child poverty and how they are making progress towards the statutory child poverty targets. The report has been postponed indefinitely, but this doesn’t mean that work …

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