Using economics to inform the choices we face as a society

Strathclyde University’s Fraser of Allander is a leading economic research institute, which carries out impactful research to inform the big challenges and opportunities facing the nations of the UK.


Greater openness and transparency required in future funding to reduce regional inequalities

This research looks in detail at the methodology used by the UK government to allocate local authorities to different priority levels of the Levelling Up Fund.

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Mission (not) impossible: How ambitious are the Scottish Government’s child poverty targets?

Earlier this week, the Scottish Government announced a new ‘National Mission’ to tackle poverty. The announcement appeared to be tied to a call for further powers, but at the very least it stirred a renewed debate on child poverty in Scotland. It is nearly four years since the passing of …

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Latest data on the Scottish economy – Update 2nd June 2021

The Scottish economy grew by 2.1% in March, with economic output now 5.4% below pre-pandemic levels. With almost all of Scotland now operating under Tier 2 level of restrictions, with the latest announcements moving a smaller share of local authorities down to Tier 1, most businesses that have been forced to close or operate at reduced capacity are now starting to operate at close to normal levels again.

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Buchanan Street Glasgow looking busy

Latest data on the Scottish economy – Update 17th May 2021

The UK economy grew by 2.1% in March, bringing the UK’s quarterly GDP contraction in Q1 2021 to -1.5%. Over the same period, the share of employees on furlough fell by 2.9 percentage points. How has Scotland fared up to the start of May?

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CGE modelling to capture the consequences of COVID-19 on tourism

In this blog, we introduce the modelling approach we will use – CGE modelling – and explain why these are increasingly being used to examine tourism.

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Election Podcast #7: a focus on climate change with special guest Dr Matt Hannon

In our final election podcast, Mairi Spowage is joined by Dr Matthew Hannon to discuss the climate change and green policies in the manifestos. Matt is one of the contributors to the Local Zero podcast, which discusses the road to zero carbon in the context of COP26 in Glasgow later this year.

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Latest data on the Scottish economy – Update 4th May 2021

The Scottish economy grew by 0.9% in February and is now 7.4% below pre-pandemic levels. The hospitality industry remains the hardest hit sector of the economy however, with the easing of lockdown restrictions late last month, there is some hope for this industry.

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Election reflections: six takeaways from the campaign

With less than a week to go before polling day, what issues can we take from the election debates and party manifestos? Here are six takeaways.

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Election podcast #6 with special guest Divergent Influencers

Our sixth election podcast looks at some of the key policy issues that have arisen in the campaign this week – with a brief discussion on key points within the manifestos, including learning disabilities, child poverty, and some insights into what to look out for in the coming week. We were also joined by Divergent Influencers, a group of young people with experience in additional support needs.

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