Our Team

You can find a full list of the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Economics staff on our staff page.

Grant Allan


Grant Allan is a Reader in the Department of Economics. 

Grant has research interests in applied regional economic analysis and modelling, particularly in the areas of energy and tourism.

He is Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes for the Department of Economics and Director of MSc in Applied Economics, MSc in Applied Economics by distance learning and MSc in Economics and Finance.

Picture of James Black, associate at the Fraser of Allander Institute

James Black

Knowledge Exchange Associate

James is part of the knowledge exchange team, which means connecting academia to the public and to government. He has a Masters in Applied Economics, a degree in Mathematics, Statistics & Economics and is experienced in working on a wide range of projects for public and private sector clients.

His interests primarily lie in economic policy, analysis and modelling as well as ensuring his work is highly impactful.

Stephen Boyle

Stephen Boyle

Visiting Researcher

Stephen Boyle has worked as an economist for more than three decades and is the former chief economist of RBS.

Stephen is currently a Strategic Adviser to the Scottish Government’s Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board and an advisor to the David Hume Institute.

Stephen is a visiting researcher at the Fraser of Allander Institute.

Picture of Frank Brocek, assistant at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Frantisek Brocek

Research Assistant

Frank graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2019 with a First-class BA (Hons) degree in Economics. He is currently studying on the Scottish Graduate Programme MSc in Economics at the University of Edinburgh.

Frank has experience from a variety of policy institutions including the European Commission in Brussels, the Slovak Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

Annmarie Campbell

Department Manager

As Department Manager Economics – Fraser of Allander Institute Annmarie work closely with the Head of Department ensuring operational excellence across the delivery of Strathclyde’s portfolio of teaching, research and knowledge exchange activities.

Picture of Emma Congreve, principal fellow at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Emma Congreve

Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Emma Congreve leads the Institute’s work on poverty, inequality and inclusive growth.

Emma was previously a senior economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and an economic adviser within the Scottish Government. Emma is an expert in economic policy relating to low income households. She also has a background in local government finance and environmental and agricultural economic policy.

Kevin Connolly

Chancellor’s Fellow

Kevin is a Chancellor’s Fellow in the Department of Economic with a focus on the use of regional economic models for policy analysis.

Areas of interest include; energy and climate change, poverty and tourism.

Picture of Ben Cooper, assistant at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Ben Cooper

Knowledge Exchange Assistant

Ben Cooper is a Knowledge Exchange Assistant working within the Fraser of Allander Institute whilst studying for his MSc on the Scottish Graduate Programme for Economics at the University of Edinburgh.

He joined the FAI in 2018 whilst studying for his BSc Hons in Economics, working on a research project that analysed the effects of the 2014 BAC reduction in Scotland.

Sharada Davidson


Sharada supports the Institute’s projects which develop new economic indicators and statistics or require time series data analysis.

She has expertise in analysing interdependencies between countries/regions and developing different modelling techniques (including Bayesian methods) and frameworks to inform policymaking.  She has undertaken work for the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence.  Previously, Sharada worked as a Consultant and PhD Trainee for the European Central Bank, modelling the impact of macroprudential policies. 

Picture of David Eiser, research fellow at the Fraser of Allander Institute

David Eiser

Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow

David has led the Institute’s work on Fiscal Policy since 2016 and has been an Adviser to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Constitution Committee since August 2016.

His research interests are in the economics of devolved finances, labour markets and inequality. Previously he worked at the University of Stirling and was a Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh.

Gioele Figus


Gioele is a lecturer in economics at the University of Strathclyde.

Gioele is specialised in the development and application of Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models for policy analysis. He is generally interested in regional macroeconomics and on the impact of regional policies on the wider economy. 

Gioele is currently focussed on the impact of energy, tourism, fiscal and trade policies.

Adam McGeoch

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Adam is an economist at the FAI who works closely with FAI partners and specialises in business analysis. Adam’s research typically involves an assessment of business strategies and policies on economic, societal and environmental impacts.

Additionally, Adam is the Project Coordinator for Economic Futures.

Adam lectures on the Economics of Inequality and Inclusive Growth, Regional Development Policy and Professional Development for Economists (PDE) courses (Strathclyde’s Applied Economics MSc).

Also, Adam supervises MSc. dissertations.

Chirsty McFadyen

Research Assistant

Chirsty is a research assistant at the Fraser of Allander Institute where she primarily works on projects related to poverty and inequality.

Chirsty is also a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde affiliated with the Fraser of Allander Institute and part-funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Her PhD research focuses on the experiences of low-paid workers and the links between low-paid work and poverty.

Peter McGregor


Peter became Emeritus Professor of Economics in June 2015, and was appointed as (part-time) Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute from September 2015. In the 30 months to end May 2015 he had been the Director of the International Public Policy Institute, and prior to that had served several terms as Head of Department of Economics, Director and Research Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI).  

Peter’s current research interests include the impact of fiscal autonomy on the Scottish and UK economies, and modelling energy-economy-environment interdependence.

Picture of Stuart McIntyre, Senior Lecturer at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Stuart McIntyre

Head of Research

Stuart McIntyre is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics, and Head of Research at the Fraser of Allander Institute. He is a Faculty Research Affiliate at the Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University.

Stuart has research interests in applied economics, regional and spatial economics.

Picture of Mark Mitchell, assistant at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Mark Mitchell

Research Associate

Mark is a research associate at the Fraser of Allander Institute where he works on a number of topics related to economic policy in Scotland, particularly those linked to the labour market and social mobility.

Mark has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh.

His current research is on the origins of inequalities in human capital, and how early circumstances influence lifelong social and economic outcomes.

Picture of Mairi Spowage, director of the Fraser of Allander Institute

Mairi Spowage


Mairi leads on the Institute’s work with various partners, including those in business, the public and third sector. She is regularly asked to give evidence on economic and fiscal matters at Parliamentary Committees.

Previously, Mairi was the Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish Fiscal Commission and the Head of National Accounts at the Scottish Government, and has over a decade of experience working in different areas of statistics and analysis.

Kathleen Tyrrell


Kathleen is the Student Support, Programme & Project Administrator for MSc in Global Energy Management, Economics Futures and the Strathclyde Applied Economics Centre for Doctoral Training.

Picture of Rob Watts

Rob Watts

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Rob joined the Institute in 2019, working in the knowledge exchange team whilst completing his MSc in Applied Economics at Strathclyde University.
He has worked on a variety of projects involving trade analysis, modelling and business performance assessment.

In 2020, Rob joined the Institute full time to drive forward our project studying the economic outcomes for adults with learning disabilities in Scotland.