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Election podcast #3 with special guest Jenni Davidson

Our third election podcast looks at some of the key policy issues that have arisen in the campaign this week – the social security system and how it supports disabled children and pensioners, the economy and an action plan for growth, and employability support. We’re also joined by Jenni Davidson from Holyrood Magazine for her thoughts on the campaign so far.

Election 2021 issue brief: The employability landscape in Scotland

Given the 2021 Scottish Election just around the corner, this article focuses on the programmes and funds for employability that are part of Scottish Government policy. The article reviews the pre and post Smith Commission periods, the recent changes due to Covid-19, and what might be coming up next for employability policy.

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Economic policy to the crisis: tools, issues and the future

Joined by Mairi Spowage, Sophie Haldane & Mphatso Kumwenda, in this episode Emma Congreve discuss the economic policy response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at some of the policy tools that have been used, economic issues arising from the economic impacts of the pandemic and investigate the future of economic policy based on the current response.

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Understanding Social Security in Scotland: Working age disability and carer benefits

A range of new social security powers have been devolved to the Scottish Parliament in the last few years relating to disability and carer benefits. The 2021 election may see different parties talking about elements of these new benefits, and how they could be changed over the course of the next parliament. In this briefing, we set out the main benefits in Scotland that have been devolved and are relevant for working age adults with a disability and those who care for them.

Household incomes and the 2021 election

Household income is a key determinant of a household’s standard of living. Government policies can have a range of direct and indirect impacts on the amount of money households have to spend on goods and services. Hence, it becomes a big deal at election time, with lots of debate about winners and losers and who should and shouldn’t benefit. This briefing provides a guide to household incomes in Scotland to help navigate the debate. 

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Election Podcast #1

In our first election podcast, Mairi Spowage, Emma Congreve, David Eiser and Stuart McIntyre reflect on the big themes likely to feature in this election and answer some of the questions asked by our webinar audience earlier this week that we didn’t have time to answer.

The pandemic one year on: a review of the impact on children

It is now a year since the first lockdown in Scotland and many are taking stock and looking back on a year like no other. The impact of the pandemic goes beyond the direct health impact, and one of the groups that have well and truly seen their lives turned upside down are children. During 2020, the Fraser of Allander took part in a collaborative project looking at the socio-economic impact of Covid-19 on children over the first 6 months of the pandemic. A year in to the pandemic, it’s worth revisiting some of the key insights this work highlighted.