Challenge Poverty Week– What do you need to know about poverty in Scotland?

This week is Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland, an annual programme of events that bring together many people, politicians and organisations to talk about poverty and how to solve it.
So what is poverty, why does it matter, and what are we doing about it? Here are some key poverty facts to give you the lowdown on what you need to know.


Report – Scotland’s invisible people

People with learning disabilities have much to offer Scotland, yet they often feel left behind. In our latest research project, we analyse the support and opportunities available to adults with learning disabilities in Scotland. Read the full report here.

Not o-K.. the shape of the recovery to come

Hope of a sharp bounce back – a ‘v-shaped’ recovery – have all but disappeared. The fear is that the recovery will be long leading to a ‘U’ or ‘bathtub’ shaped recovery.
But there is increasing evidence to suggest that an alternative ‘shaped’ recovery is on the horizon – a ‘k’ shaped recovery.

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber

Are we making progress on child poverty?

The second progress report on Child Poverty was published last week. What does it tell us about how well the Scottish Government is doing towards meeting it’s ambitious targets on child poverty? Unfortunately it tells us less than we need to know.

Economic outcomes for minority ethnic groups in Scotland

Scotland is a country that many people from a diverse range of backgrounds call home yet economic exclusion for minority ethnic groups is a prevalent feature of our society, manifested through poorer labour market outcomes. This article looks at the evidence on this and the implications for our society.

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber

Reflections on yesterday’s recovery report

Yesterday, amid many other significant stories, the Scottish Government published its response to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery.
The urgency of the situation and the scale of the economic shock facing businesses and families across the country is on a scale never seen before.