Scottish Parliament building

Election podcast #6 with special guest Divergent Influencers

Our sixth election podcast looks at some of the key policy issues that have arisen in the campaign this week – with a brief discussion on key points within the manifestos, including learning disabilities, child poverty, and some insights into what to look out for in the coming week. We were also joined by Divergent Influencers, a group of young people with experience in additional support needs.

The Scottish Parliament building

Election 2021: Child poverty consensus but more will be required to meet the targets

There is an apparent consensus among the main political parties that there needs to be additional action in the next parliament on poverty, and particularly child poverty. This article looks across the manifestos to review action on the three main policy areas that can make the biggest difference to poverty in the here and now: social security, work and housing, to tackle poverty.

Scottish Parliament Building

Election Issue brief – job numbers impacts

Some of the parties have committed to infrastructure or capital programmes, which can have very large sums attached to them over multiple years. Often, though, there will also be estimates for the number of jobs “created” or “supported” due to these programmes. But how do the parties come up with these numbers?