The evolution of the Scottish Budget 2020/21 – and a look forward to the Spending Review

The Scottish Budget has been allocated over £8bn to address the implications of Covid-19 in 2020/21. This article considers how those funds have been allocated, reviews the fiscal issues and tensions that have emerged , and considers the possible implications of the UK Government Spending Review 2020 for the Scottish BUdget in 2021/22

Should a UK wealth tax be devolved?

The Covid-19 crisis has renewed interest in the merits of establishing a tax on net wealth in the UK. But if a wealth tax were introduced in the UK, should it operate as a UK tax determined by the Westminster government, or would there be a case for operating the tax – or aspects of it – at a devolved level?

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Recession and Recovery

In the least newsy of news it became ‘official’ at 07:00 on 12 August that the UK economy had been in recession. That confirmation came with the GDP figures for the three months from April to June. During that time income fell by 20.4%, following a fall of 2.2% between January and March.