Waiters wearing masks in a restaurant

Election 2021 – The latest labour market data in context and the challenges ahead

Conditions in the labour market are a key indicator of the underlying health of the wider economy, and the labour market is a key driver of economic prosperity for people across the country. This article reviews the latest labour market data, puts it into a historic context, discusses the role that policy has played in shaping labour market outcomes through the pandemic, and sets out some of the issues and challenges that lie ahead.

Election podcast #4 with special guest Mure Dickie

Our fourth election podcast looks at some of the key policy issues that have arisen in the campaign this week – with a brief discussion on key points within the manifesto’s released so far and some insights into what to look out for in the coming week. We were also joined by Mure Dickie, the Scottish correspondent for the Financial Times, for his thoughts on the campaign so far.

Scottish Parliament building

Election Podcast #1

In our first election podcast, Mairi Spowage, Emma Congreve, David Eiser and Stuart McIntyre reflect on the big themes likely to feature in this election and answer some of the questions asked by our webinar audience earlier this week that we didn’t have time to answer.

New research on multi-grade classes and pupil attainment

Over the past couple of years, researchers at the Fraser of Allander Institute have been working on a project to explore the effect of class size and composite (multi-grade) classes in Scottish primary schools on pupil attainment. Overall, we find some evidence that exposure to more experienced peers is beneficial to primary school pupils in terms of attainment. In this article we summarise some of our key findings from this analysis.

Waiters wearing masks in a restaurant

A cautionary look at what the new earnings data can tell us about the impact of the pandemic.

The Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on our working lives but tracking this in the available economic survey data has proven challenging. This week the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the latest results from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) but these too have been affected by challenges around Covid 19.