GERS, Labour Market, Scottish Economy

Economy Data Round Up: GERS and the Labour Market

David Eiser is joined by Mairi Spowage and Stuart McIntyre to discuss the big statistical releases of the week, including Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) and the recent data on the Labour Market.

(00:00) Headlines from GERS…
(03:36) This year’s areas of controversy
(08:52) What drives the differences between Scotland and the UK?
(10:08) What the figures mean for the constitutional debate
(13:47) Is there an issue of structural unfairness in the UK?
(16:52) The latest labour market data
(20:58) Is there any evidence of labour shortages?
(26:36) What about the longer-term outlook?
(31:00) Is there any differential impact on Scotland?
(34:10) Look ahead to what is coming up over the next couple of weeks


Mairi is the Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute. Previously, she was the Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish Fiscal Commission and the Head of National Accounts at the Scottish Government and has over a decade of experience working in different areas of statistics and analysis.

David is Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the Fraser of Allander Institute



Head of Research at the Fraser of Allander Institute