Challenge Poverty Week– What do you need to know about poverty in Scotland?

This week is Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland, an annual programme of events that bring together many people, politicians and organisations to talk about poverty and how to solve it.
So what is poverty, why does it matter, and what are we doing about it? Here are some key poverty facts to give you the lowdown on what you need to know.

Scottish Parliament Building

Latest data on the Scottish economy – Update 25th September 2020

GDP estimates for Scotland published this week show that the Scottish economy grew by 6.8% in July compared to June. The number of furloughed workers has fallen significantly between July and August in Scotland and the rest of the UK as the Job Retention Scheme started to be wound down. Accommodation & food services and arts, entertainment, and recreation continue to be the sectors which have been most negatively impacted.


Report – Scotland’s invisible people

People with learning disabilities have much to offer Scotland, yet they often feel left behind. In our latest research project, we analyse the support and opportunities available to adults with learning disabilities in Scotland. Read the full report here.