Scottish Economy

Weekly update – Emma and Jack discuss the latest economic events

Jack Williamson is joined by Deputy Director, Emma Congreve to discuss the latest ONS GDP data, IMF’s forecast for the UK economy in 2023 and the road ahead for Humza Yousaf as he settles in as FM.


Jack Williamson, Assistant Economist


Emma Congreve, Deputy Director


(00:24) Latest GDP data from the ONS

(02:30) IMF forecast of UK economy in 2023

(05:08) UK Statistical Authority weighs in on proper use of data

(07:48) What have we seen so far from the FM

(09:37) The road ahead for Humza Yousaf


Emma is Deputy Director and Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Jack is an economist at the Fraser of Allander Institute.