Coronavirus, Labour Market, Scottish Economy

The Coronavirus: What does it mean for people, businesses and the economy?


Graeme Roy


John Macintosh
Mairi Spowage
Emma Congreve


[0:00] How do you see the Scottish economy being impacted over the coming months? (Mairi Spowage)
[5:30] How are businesses being impacted? (John Macintosh)
[9:33] What does this mean for individuals and households? (Emma Congreve)
[14:10] Will different parts of Scotland be affected more than others? (Mairi Spowage)
[15:35] What advice would you give to businesses? (John Macintosh)
[19:08] How has the government responded and where might further support be needed? (Mairi Spowage)
[24:27] What do the policy responses mean for households and individuals? (Emma Congreve)
[28:08] How might the Scottish economy be fundamentally changed as a result of this?


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