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New Podcast: Challenge Poverty Week Special

Episode Summary

Emma Congreve is joined by Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance and Chris Birt, JRF Associate Director Scotland, to talk about what is happening this week, including the new Poverty in Scotland report published by JRF. We also talk about current progress towards the Scottish child poverty targets, and what needs to be done in the months and years ahead in order to meet the targets, and the impacts this will have on society and the economy.

This podcast was recorded on Monday 4th October 2021.

Episode Notes


Emma Congreve, FAI


Chris Birt, JRF

Peter Kelly, Poverty Alliance

Time stamps

(00:53) Background to Challenge Poverty Week

(08:32) Summary of JRF Poverty in Scotland 2021

(11:49) Overview of FAI modelling work on child poverty

(15:01) Discussion on the child poverty targets


Link to challenge poverty week

Link to JRF Poverty in Scotland 2021


Emma Congreve is a Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow and Deputy Director at the Fraser of Allander Institute. Emma's work at the Institute is focussed on policy analysis, covering a wide range of areas of social and economic policy.  Emma is an experienced economist and has previously held roles as a senior economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and as an economic adviser within the Scottish Government.

Chris Birt

Deputy Director JRF in Scotland

Peter Kelly

Director of the Poverty Alliance