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Is the social care system delivering for adults with learning disabilities?

In this podcast, we discuss our latest report examining the system that delivers social care and support to adults with learning disabilities in Scotland. This follows a much-anticipated review of adult social care for the Scottish Government that might herald significant change for the sector.

We also hear about a model of social care that has delivered positive outcomes – Shared Lives schemes. We chat with members of Shared Lives Plus to hear about their experiences and what the evidence tells us about this interesting model of care and support.


Emma Congreve
Rob Watts

Shared Lives Plus
Lesley Stevenson
Abby Farrell
Louise Kennedy

(01:18) Discussion of FAI report into Scotland’s social care system for adults with learning disabilities.

(10:54) Discussion of the Shared Lives model of care and support, and a look at what the evidence tells us.

(20:18) Abby and Louise share their experiences of Shared Lives.


Knowledge Exchange Associate at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Emma Congreve is a Principal Knowledge Exchange Fellow and Deputy Director at the Fraser of Allander Institute. Emma's work at the Institute is focussed on policy analysis, covering a wide range of areas of social and economic policy.  Emma is an experienced economist and has previously held roles as a senior economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and as an economic adviser within the Scottish Government.