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Improving transitions to adulthood

Episode summary

For young people with a learning disability or other additional support needs, transitioning from the education system to adulthood is a crucial stage of life. But the support they receive often falls short of enabling them to meet their aspirations. In this podcast, we ask Scott Richardson-Read, of ARC Scotland, and 5 young people who have recently gone through the transitions process, how the system could be improved in Scotland.

Episode Notes

Emma Congreve (FAI)

Scott Richardson-Read (Scottish Transitions Forum, ARC Scotland)
Kieran, Laura, Claire, Rameez and Ryan (Divergent Influencers, Scottish Transitions Forum)

(00:50) What is ARC Scotland and what are “transitions to adulthood”?
(04:04) Why is transition planning so important?
(05:36) What does good transition planning look like?
(10:52) Kieran, Laura, Claire, Rameez and Ryan talk about their experiences of transitioning to adulthood.
(20:25) Kieran and Laura tell us about their work with ARC Scotland.
(22:00) If you could put forward one change to improve transitions, what would it be?


Knowledge Exchange Associate at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Emma is Deputy Director and Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the Fraser of Allander Institute