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Improving transitions to adulthood

Episode summary

For young people with a learning disability or other additional support needs, transitioning from the education system to adulthood is a crucial stage of life. But the support they receive often falls short of enabling them to meet their aspirations. In this podcast, we ask Scott Richardson-Read, of ARC Scotland, and 5 young people who have recently gone through the transitions process, how the system could be improved in Scotland.

Episode Notes

Emma Congreve (FAI)

Scott Richardson-Read (Scottish Transitions Forum, ARC Scotland)
Kieran, Laura, Claire, Rameez and Ryan (Divergent Influencers, Scottish Transitions Forum)

(00:50) What is ARC Scotland and what are “transitions to adulthood”?
(04:04) Why is transition planning so important?
(05:36) What does good transition planning look like?
(10:52) Kieran, Laura, Claire, Rameez and Ryan talk about their experiences of transitioning to adulthood.
(20:25) Kieran and Laura tell us about their work with ARC Scotland.
(22:00) If you could put forward one change to improve transitions, what would it be?


Knowledge Exchange Associate at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Emma Congreve is a Principal Knowledge Exchange Fellow and Deputy Director at the Fraser of Allander Institute. Emma's work at the Institute is focussed on policy analysis, covering a wide range of areas of social and economic policy.  Emma is an experienced economist and has previously held roles as a senior economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and as an economic adviser within the Scottish Government.