The crisis in context

Alf Young, Times Columnist and Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde, joins Mark Mitchell and Mairi Spowage to discuss the current economic crisis in the context of the history of the Scottish Economy.



Mark Mitchell, Fraser of Allander Institute

Alf Young, Times Columnist
Mairi Spowage, Fraser of Allander Institute

(00:20) How this crisis compares with previous crises in the Scottish economy
(4:38) During previous crisis, what did people imagine the long term impacts would be, and how did that bear out?
(9:18) Have the structural changes in the Scottish economy made us more or less resilient to a crisis such as this?
(14:02) Regional impacts of the current crisis
(19:00) Discussion of policy responses
(23:40) Differential approaches in Scotland to guidance
(27:30) Scottish Government Advisory Group
(34:22) Long term impacts of the pandemic on the economy


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