Scottish Economy

Election Podcast #7: a focus on climate change with special guest Dr Matt Hannon

In our final election podcast, Mairi Spowage is joined by Dr Matthew Hannon to discuss the climate change and green policies in the manifestos. Matt is a senior lecturer in the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde, and more importantly for this episode one of the contributors to the Local Zero podcast, which discusses the road to zero carbon in the context of COP26 in Glasgow later this year.

Check out the Local Zero podcast here, or through your favourite podcast platform.

(00:38) Introduction to Local Zero podcast
(01:43) What is meant by a green recovery?
(04:09) The climate change related policies in the manifestos
(08:54) Oil and Gas transition, including reskilling & training
(13:55) Policy ideas that were surprising – or areas that have not been discussed
(19:38) Where are we on net zero compared to where we need to be?
(24:38) The importance of COP26 in Glasgow


Mairi is the Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute. Previously, she was the Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish Fiscal Commission and the Head of National Accounts at the Scottish Government and has over a decade of experience working in different areas of statistics and analysis.