Coronavirus, Poverty

Coronavirus and the impact on poverty

Dave Innes, Head of Economics at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, joins Emma Congreve to discuss the impact that the shutdown of many parts of the economy will have on poverty across the UK. They discuss what we know so far about the impact on low income households, what support needs to be in place to protect those who are the most financially vulnerable as the crisis evolves, and how policy may change in future as we come out the other side.

Emma Congreve, Economist at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Dave Innes, Head of Economics at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

[1:57] Poverty before the crisis
[4:21] What do we know about the impact so far
[7:57] Impacts in different parts of the UK
[11:40] Government support so far
[16:43] Support that may be required in the future
[19:45] Thoughts on economic policy making beyond the crisis



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