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The impact of Covid-19 on the Arran economy

Arran is a unique part of North Ayrshire and is a strong island economy in Scotland with a successful hospitality sector. It performs well in terms of education and has strong tourism-facing industries.

However, like the rest of Scotland, it faces challenges. Both in the short and long term. The coronavirus outbreak represents the greatest public health crisis in a generation. Whilst the immediate health risk for the families impacted is the most important concern, the pandemic will have a significant and potentially long-lasting economic impact.

The ongoing pandemic has had an immediate impact on the economy however, there will likely be long-term implications, both in terms of the economic downturn to follow and the structural effect on the economy, which will shape the outlook for Arran. Arran’s dominant hospitality sector has meant that the immediate impact of Coronavirus has been stark.

The impact of reduced ferry passengers alone has been seriously damaging to the local economy. Due to the nature of this island economy, Arran is sensitive to the route map out of this crisis and the following economic recovery plan.