Using economics to inform the choices we face as a society

Strathclyde University’s Fraser of Allander is a leading economic research institute, which carries out impactful research to inform the big challenges and opportunities facing the nations of the UK.

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Election podcast #4 with special guest Mure Dickie

Our fourth election podcast looks at some of the key policy issues that have arisen in the campaign this week – with a brief discussion on key points within the manifesto’s released so far and some insights into what to look out for in the coming week. We were also joined by Mure Dickie, the Scottish correspondent for the Financial Times, for his thoughts on the campaign so far.

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A four-day working week: workable policy or fantasy economics?

Support for a four-day working week has been gaining traction, and both the SNP and Green Party Manifestos commit to piloting or implementing the concept. But what is a four-day week, is it a policy that can be operationalised, and what would be its economic effects?

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Examining Glasgow’s emissions and economy

We seek to understand Glasgow’s current emissions levels – and the challenges for economic planning – by linking emissions to measures of economic activity. By placing emissions alongside economic accounts, we can undertake initial and illustrative environmental accounting. These accounts will help shed light on the important economic dimension of Glasgow’s low carbon transition.

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Election 2021 issue brief: Adult social care

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has placed Scotland’s social care system under enormous strain. This, along with an ageing population with ever more complex care needs, means that social care reform might be one of the major policy issues for all parties to grapple with at the 2021 election and beyond.

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Election 2021 Issue Brief: Inequality in Educational Attainment

Election 2021 Issue Brief: Inequality in Educational Attainment – Read more:

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Election podcast #3 with special guest Jenni Davidson

Our third election podcast looks at some of the key policy issues that have arisen in the campaign this week – the social security system and how it supports disabled children and pensioners, the economy and an action plan for growth, and employability support. We’re also joined by Jenni Davidson from Holyrood Magazine for her thoughts on the campaign so far.

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Election 2021 issue brief: Disability and carer benefits for children and pensioners

Among the most notable powers to be devolved during the last parliament were those over disability and carer benefits. Here, we set out how this crucial element of Scotland’s social security system works for those of non-working age and what issues the parties might grapple with at the 2021 election.

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Election 2021 issue brief: The employability landscape in Scotland

Given the 2021 Scottish Election just around the corner, this article focuses on the programmes and funds for employability that are part of Scottish Government policy. The article reviews the pre and post Smith Commission periods, the recent changes due to Covid-19, and what might be coming up next for employability policy.

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Economic policy to the crisis: tools, issues and the future

Joined by Mairi Spowage, Sophie Haldane & Mphatso Kumwenda, in this episode Emma Congreve discuss the economic policy response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at some of the policy tools that have been used, economic issues arising from the economic impacts of the pandemic and investigate the future of economic policy based on the current response.

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