Update on claims to Universal Credit since the start of the shutdown

Yesterday we looked at the options for people who have seen their earnings disappear but are excluded from the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Self Employed Income Support Scheme. For those who can’t find alternative employment, the social security system will be the place many turn for support. And this is indeed what is happening. Universal Credit (UC) is where new claimants will head, and yesterday the DWP gave an update on UK caseload. Over the last fortnight, they have processed 950,000 successful claims, ten times the usual amount for a fortnightly period.

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April 2, 2020

May Scottish Economy Nowcasts

This morning the latest UK data for growth in Q1 2019 were released. These put UK growth at 0.5% in Q1, with growth in production, construction and service sectors.

In this blog we release our nowcasts of the Scottish economy in Q1 2019 and Q2 2019.

The UK numbers were stronger than growth in the previous quarter (which was a disappointing 0.2%), and stronger than might have been expected.

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May 10, 2019

A summary of our latest Scottish Labour Market Trends report

We published the 3rd edition of our Labour Market Trends report today. In addition to the usual review of the headline trends in the labour market, this edition includes two in depth articles provided by the Scottish Centre for Employment Research. These articles focus on the increasing polarisation of training opportunities in the labour market and recent trends in trade union representation in the UK and Scotland.

The full report can be accessed here.

This blog summarises some of the key issues identified in our assessment of current conditions and outlook.

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June 13, 2017

Scotland’s Labour Market Trends in 6 Charts

Today we released a new report – to be published on a quarterly basis – which aims to provide an accessible summary of trends in the Scottish labour market.

Each quarter the report will provide a short summary of recent developments before discussing two or three issues – e.g. changes in self-employment, the fall in youth unemployment, etc – in greater depth.

It will complement our new-look Fraser Economic Commentary which will also now be published on a quarterly basis, with the next edition published next month.

This blog post provides a quick summary of the key bits of analysis in today’s publication in 6 charts! The full report can be accessed here.

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November 18, 2016