Where next on inclusive growth? 6 steps to build upon…

It’s hard to talk about economic policy in Scotland without the phrase ‘inclusive growth’ popping up.

It is, not just at the core of Scottish Government activity, but the central narrative for local authorities, agencies and public bodies across Scotland.

At an event last week, some people asked for our take, so in this slightly longer than usual blog, we set out some thoughts on the inclusive growth agenda, the evidence, and where the debate might go next.

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May 21, 2019

Scottish child poverty targets

Tomorrow, new statistics on poverty and income inequality will be published. All indications are that levels of poverty and inequality are on the rise in the UK over the longer term, and Scotland is no different.

These statistics matter for a variety of reasons, not least because back in 2017, Holyrood voted to put into law a target to reduce relative child poverty in Scotland.

Publication will no doubt be overshadowed by the ongoing Brexit debate. But it’s important not to lose sight of the domestic policy agenda.

Too often the debate over poverty collapses down to a simple discussion about the level of re-distribution in the tax and benefit system.

But in reality, if Scotland is to meet its poverty targets then it’ll require a much more fundamental look at the Scottish economy and how it functions. For instance, we have record people in employment in Scotland, but rising poverty.

Ultimately, tackling poverty isn’t just a moral or societal problem, but also an economic problem that requires a system-wide look at how jobs are created, levels of investment in the economy, productivity growth and wage growth.

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March 27, 2019