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How is global trade fairing?

In our June commentary last year, we discussed the negative impact that the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit had on trade activity. Since then, despite the easing of coronavirus restrictions and major world economies returning to pre-pandemic levels, global trade continues to struggle with significant disruption for supply chains across the …

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The detailed sectors of the UK Economy

In each edition of the Commentary since the start of the pandemic, we have discussed that the impact of the pandemic and associated lockdowns has not impacted equally across sectors. As we move further into 2022, despite the economy as a whole moving past pre-pandemic levels, there are concerns that those sectors which have been most affected may well be those who will also suffer due to the cost-of-living crisis.

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Weekly update: our new growth forecasts predict a difficult year to come for the economy

We produce new forecasts for Scotland every quarter, and analyse key issues as special topics in each edition. The headlines from this edition are, unfortunately, pretty gloomy reading.

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Rising inflation weakens outlook for growth in 2023

The Scottish economy had shown healthy growth before contracting in April, but the cost of living crisis means that consumers are spending less on non-essentials. Scotland’s economic growth forecast for 2023 has been revised down due to the impacts of cost increases on consumers and businesses, and the likelihood that these will persist for longer than previously thought.

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Weekly update: it’s all about the cost of living….

This week, the ONS published their monthly consumer price inflation measures. We cover many of the questions we got asked about the statistics this week.

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Estimating the impact of the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan: agree to disagree?

Trying to get economists to agree on anything is a folly as we all know. But sometimes a disagreement is closer to agreement than first appears. The Fraser of Allander Institute has recently worked with Save the Children and the JRF to provide an assessment of the effectiveness of the …

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An updated 2018 SAM for Scotland

What is the purpose of the SAM? Quality data and analytical tools are essential for making effective decisions, whether the question at hand is about how to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, address demographic change, “level-up” across regions, or to aid the transition to net-zero. For economists and policymakers, a …

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Weekly update: Building a new Scotland, the labour market and interest rates

Welcome to the first in a new series of weekly articles providing observations and analysis of key economic policy announcements and data releases. This week we consider the Scottish government’s latest paper setting out the case for independence, the latest labour market statistics, and the Bank of England’s interest rate decision.

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A discussion of yesterday’s spending review

FAI Director Mairi Spowage is joined by Deputy Director David Eiser for a discussion on yesterday’s Scottish Government spending review including initial reactions to the review, discussion of the latest set of economic forecasts and what happens next in the budgetary process. 

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