Welcome to the Fraser of Allander Institute’s new blog!


The ‘Fraser’ has been monitoring and commenting on the Scottish economy for over 40 years. These are exciting times for the Fraser. We’re benefiting from new investment by the University, research bodies and private benefactors which is helping to expand our research team and widen our coverage of real-world economic issues. Read more about our plans here.

There has never been a more important time for impartial analysis and scrutiny of Scottish fiscal and economic policy. Constitutional change is well underway, with no fixed horizon in sight, and with this change comes challenges and opportunities for the Scottish economy. The fiscal responsibilities of the Scottish Parliament are expanding rapidly, with new powers over both taxation and public spending being devolved from Westminster. The recent decision by the UK to leave the European Union will not only have far reaching – and serious – economic implications for the Scottish economy for years to come, but it has also fuelled demands for Scotland to chart a different course in Europe, and even to hold a second Scottish independence referendum.

This is a critical time to understand and help shape the Scottish economy.

This blog will help to inform the economic debate in Scotland and share our research into major Scottish, UK and global economic challenges with a wider audience. It will complement our other Fraser activities, including the Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary and a new series of events and seminars planned to begin this autumn.

This blog will be a platform to shape, debate and critique developments in the Scottish economy. As such, pieces will be authored by individuals, or groups of individuals, speaking in their own name. The majority of the blogs will be written by members of the Fraser and the wider Strathclyde team, but we would strongly encourage contributions from people working elsewhere in academia and across business, trade unions and third sector organisations. Subject to some light editorial control, consistent with maintaining the impartiality of the Fraser, we will seek to publish all well written and argued opinion pieces which are received.

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch with us by email (fraser@strath.ac.uk)


June 30, 2016