Seven bullet points on the latest Fraser Commentary

Today we published our latest Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary.

This short blog summarises our key conclusions in seven bullet points.

  1. Growth in Scotland’s economy is forecast to continue through 2017, 2018 and into 2019. The outlook remains challenging by historical standards.

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FM’s economy announcement – some comments

Today the First Minister announced welcome measures to try to stimulate the Scottish economy in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

The major element announced today is a package of £100m to be spent on capital projects this financial year – as we called for in our Special Issue Fraser Economic Commentary published two weeks ago.

There is also wider support to Scottish business to help deal with the increase in uncertainty post-referendum.

Forty percent of respondents to our post-Brexit survey of Scottish businesses reported that the referendum result was likely to have a negative impact on their own investment plans. Today’s announcement of additional public investment will help counteract this, albeit at the margin.

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