Regional Aggregation and Economic Performance: The Relative Position of Scotland

The UK has one of the highest levels of regional income inequality across developed countries. The Johnson government proposes to tackle this with a leveling up agenda. But where does Scotland fit into this picture? We show that the answer to this question depends on the type of regions we compare. As a whole, Scotland has income levels close to the UK average but looking closer we find a more nuanced picture.

Back to basics: Research and Development in Scotland

At the end of last year we published our first ‘back to basics’ article on Scotland’s business base. This article is the second in our series and we will be discussing how investment in R&D has evolved the past few years, the challenges and opportunities for R&D in Scotland and the future of R&D.

The economic rise of the east: Scotland’s powerhouse region

The shifting balance of economic activity from west to east is leading to fundamental structural shifts in our economy. The growth in population, investment and job opportunities is displacing once traditional engines of growth with new ones. But these changes are bringing their own pressures, on public services and infrastructure. …

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Research & Development in Scotland

Recently, the Scottish Government published their latest Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD) results. This includes data on R&D activity of businesses operating in Scotland in 2017. This led to the Scottish Government concluding that “Scottish businesses are investing record amounts in research and development” – with expenditure in Scotland …

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